STEM Generations

A not for profit organisation supplying STEM solutions to primary and secondary schools

Suppliers of STEM solutions to primary and secondary schools

STEM Generations has one core remit, which is to raise the attainment of Primary Science. The future prosperity of the U.K. will be through a Science based economy and it is, therefore, vital that we engender a love of Science at an early age. The E.U. has invested 135M Euros into developing investigative Science in primary schools throughout Europe. To ensure the U.K. is not to be left behind we must support primary schools to ensure they can deliver outstanding investigative Science.

What We Do

The Mobile Science Workstation

This turns any classroom into a science lab for school children to learn from.

Teaching Kit

Supports the preparation and presentation of investigative science lessons

In-service Training
For Teachers

Supporting the development and presentation of KS2 science lessons

Science Review

Analysis and preparation for Ofsted inspection

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